Safety Compliance, Inspections and the iPad 2

It’s finally here.  After  months and months of rumors and speculation, we finally know what the iPad 2 is all about.  Here’s what’s changed:

– Thinner and lighter
– Faster dual core processor
– Two cameras (front and back)
– Smart cover
– HDMI out

If you read some reviews on techie blogs they are favourable, but feel that Apple could have done more to wow us.  Apple has set our expectations so high that it’s easy to be critical of this product refresh, but the bottom line is this: the iPad 2 rocks.

This may sound funny coming from me because I have been very vocal about how useless the iPad is, but I am mostly just referring to how it fits into my life.  When compared to its competitors in the tablet space, it is clearly the leader.  I just don’t feel it does more enough than my iPhone 4 to make it useful.  My tech snob attitude aside, in the right situation the iPad 2 has everything you need to be very productive (and have a little fun).

For Safety Inspections

With the right case the iPad 2 would be a killer device to record safety inspections on.  Unfortunately the iPad 2’s camera’s do not let you save the pictures to your hard disk, so you cannot use a web app’s traditional upload functionality.  This is one example of how Apple keeps the device locked down, which is the biggest downside to the iPad 2 in my opinion.  That being said, having a tool as thin, light and powerful as this to collect safety data in the field would be great.  Field ID Web + the iPad  2 would not only make you much more efficient, but also make you the coolest guy at work as well.

Dual Purpose, Work and Play

The iPad 2 is especially good if you can take advantage of both the enterprise features and the consumer features.  Check your email, book meetings and then watch a movie on the plane.  All this while light enough to carry anywhere.

It’s the Little Thing

Apple’s new case (the smart cover) may not seem like a big deal, but if anyone has owned the original iPad you know what big issues this case solves.  Forget cleaning it, once you get an iPad you immediately realize how hard it is to type on it (not because of the keyboard, because of the fact it lays flat).  Beyond the typing challenge, try watching a movie on your iPad while in flight.  I have made makeshift “kick stands” on a few flights out of my briefcase and it just plain doesn’t work that well.  Apple came up with a clean and simple design to tackle all three of those issues.

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