Playground Safety – How Playground Inspection Software can help

Playground safety is a big deal.  Whenever you mix children with a potentially dangerous environment, we really need to ensure everything is as safe as possible.  I’ve done a little bit of research to figure out what the requirements are for playground safety.

Playground Safety Standards

Most governing bodies have regulations in regards to playground safety.  In Ontario, we have the Day Nurseries Act for Child Care Supervisors.  In California, there is the California Playground Safety Regulations.  In the UK, it’s the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).  Some of the governing bodies require a third party, and some don’t.  Regardless of the standard, they all follow similar requirements, which are:

  1. daily playground inspection checklists
  2. a monthly maintenance inspection and written plan of action to address hazards and defects
  3. a seasonal maintenance inspection report
  4. an annual comprehensive inspection report
  5. a log outlining repairs, removal or installation of equipment
  6. an injury log

How Playground Inspection Software can Help

Playground safety is very similar to other safety (harness safety, rigging safety, etc.) – it is riddled with paperwork!  Playgrounds are a prime candidate for inspection software because of the sheer number of inspections and paperwork that needs to be done.  Not only that, these inspections are mandatory, so you might as well do them as efficiently as possible.  What can inspection software bring to playground safety?

  1. Eliminate paper
  2. Digitize inspections with handheld devices
  3. Reduce liability by being ready for an audit 24/7
  4. Increase safety

Using playground inspection software is truly a win-win.  If you are looking to manage your playground safety with inspection software, take a look at our online demo.

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