Can You Practice Workplace Safety?

Most of us dread what we have no control over, and some people shy away from safety issues for that very reason. Between inspections, auditing, and keeping up with standards, there’s a lot of daunting responsibilities if you’re not quite sure how to handle them.

Some in the industrial sector just walk through safety, unaware of the impact or importance of their training and inspections. Others have the process down to a science. The big question is how? How can some people be good at moderating safety efforts while many struggle? The trick, like every other trade or skill in life, is practice.

So how do you get to a “practiced” level? Safety issues are dynamic and constantly changing, making it difficult to routinely tackle them. However, here are a few steps to getting a more habitual sense of safety.

  1. Learn – The most important part of the safety process is to understand what you’re doing and what is expected of you. Exploring OSHA standards — whether you learn directly from the source, through blogs (like this one), or even infographics — is the answer. The habit comes after you’ve learned common fall protection standards, LO/TO procedures, and other common workplace dangers. OSHA creates new rules to make a difference in the safety of your workplace, and your goal when following their standards should be the same. When you learn and implement OSHA standards, you should not solely aim to protect yourself from fines or bad audits; emphasis on using these standards to better the health and safety of employees is the key.
  1. Practice – Every work site is an opportunity for one or more safety standard to be broken. Practice comes from fixing anything and everything you might see in the workplace. Saying “it’s no big deal” to improperly locked out machinery or poorly set scaffolding is not an acceptable practice. Make it your mission to adhere to standards, no matter how small or how much of a “hassle” they might seem.
  1. Use software solutions to help you organize – Software holds a widespread presence in both our homes and workplaces, so why wouldn’t we utilize it to help us with our safety efforts? By using software, everything is at your fingertips, updated, and connected, so you’re never in the dark with workplace safety. This will let you do more in less time, increasing the attention that can be paid to every safety issue. A vital part of workplace safety is consistent information. If this information is not easily available for all stakeholders in safety, the lack of communication could end in an injury or worse. With cloud and server-based software, you can stay connected to everyone, no matter the worksite, so that the information is always fully available across the chain of command.

Interested in a software safety solution? Field iD can help you build your safety habits with less effort. From digital Lockout/Tagout processes to one-click inspections, Field iD is a powerful safety tool for browsers and mobile devices that digitizes the safety process. The simple user-interface is easy to navigate and use, so whether you’re at the office or in the field, you can always keep things organized and accessible.

If you’d like to learn more about how Field iD can take your workplace from “safe” to “safest,” head over to the Field iD website.

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