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Join Field ID at the 2012 NSC Congress and Expo!

Remember when we blogged about 5 reasons to attend NSC 2012, back in August? Well, the National Safety Council Congress and Expo 2012 has arrived! And we’re extremely happy and proud to be celebrating 100 years of safety at this event.

The whole team is very excited today. With suitcases all over the office, packing T-shirts, iPad 2’s and other devices, everything is set and ready to go. With over 12,000 safety, health and environmental professionals attending the event last year and a huge map of attendees this year, 2012 NSC Congress and Expo promises to be big.

We’ll be onsite at NSC 2012 October 22nd and 23rd, in Orlando, Florida, at the Orange County Convention Center (West building). Field ID will be well represented at booth #2810. Our CEO, Somen Mondal, will be onsite for the conference, supported by Brendan Callaghan, Director of Sales and Bill Hutzul, Senior Sales Executive.    Read More

Inspection software and safety management on the road in 2012

Field ID at NSC 2011

Each year, Field ID co-founders Somen Mondal and Shaun Ricci hit the road several times to present and showcase our industry-leading inspection software at conferences and events. And we’ve already got a few great travel plans for 2012.

Events are a great way for us to meet with industry leaders from various sectors, give live demonstrations of our system, and share our thoughts on effective safety management, quality control, and compliance issues.

Today, we’re posting a quick list of where we plan to be in 2012. This list will probably grow, and we’ll be updating the events page at FieldID.com throughout the year. So if you’re in the area(s) on the dates below, let us know!

Builders Association Contractor Safety Forum

Thursday February 9, 2012 – Chicago, Illinois

Field ID will be presenting at the Builders Association’s Contractor Safety Forum on Feburary 9th in Chicago, Illinois. COO Shaun Ricci will discuss how technology can help safety programs, and members will discuss their experiences with Field ID software. This event will also feature a presentation from McShane Construction Company, one of our valued users.

WSTDA 2012 Annual Meeting

Tuesday June 5, 2012 – Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

Field ID will be attending the WSTDA Annual Meeting from June 5th-7th this year in Lake Louise, Alberta. Field ID CEO Somen Mondal will be participating in a special panel discussion on RFID.

2012 NSC Congress & Expo – Orlando, Florida

Sunday October 21, 2012 – Orlando, Florida

Field ID is looking forward to joining more than 12,000 health and safety professionals at NSC 2012! We will again be presenting live demonstrations of Field ID on the floor at NSC 2012, which runs from October 21st-26th this year.

LiftEx 2012 Conference – Coventry, UK

Thursday November 29, 2012 – Coventry, UK

Field ID will be attending LiftEx 2012, the largest lifting industry event. Hosted by the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association, LiftEx 2012 will run two days on November 29th and 30th, 2012. Watch for a special Field ID webinar relating to this event!


In addition to our in-person events, Field ID will be hosting several online events in 2012. Watch for our webinars in the coming weeks and months!

LiftEx 2011 – RFID for LOLER Record Keeping

This blog post is coming a little bit late but as the saying goes, better late than never! If you caught my first blog post a few weeks ago, then you know I recently represented Field ID at the second annual LiftEx conference in Leeds, England. LiftEx is a conference for the lifting and rigging industry that is held by LEEA. As you can see from the picture, our booth was not nearly as elaborate as other trade shows. That being said, even with the smaller booth we had plenty of traffic.

To get there, I took a plane from Toronto to London and then took a train to Leeds. I arrived in Leeds in the early evening and realized I needed a few supplies. Although I had a travel power adapter, it wasn’t working with my three prong plug for my MacBook. I also needed to print some literature for the show the next day. I made it to a Staples where they were able to help me with both, and I was set for LiftEx 2011.

RFID a Theme at LiftEx 2011

There were roughly six companies at LiftEx 2011 that were, in some way or another, supporting the use of mobile devices, RFID and the web to keep track of lifting equipment inspections and LOLER certifications. It’s clear that modern safety is becoming a global phenomenon, and it’s always exciting for us to have the opportunity to show Field ID off to organizations coming from different places, in this case from across Europe. We’re firm believers in RFID’s power when it comes to improving safety and efficiency, so we were glad to see so many organizations embracing it.

Field ID Presents

I also had the opportunity to give a presentation on applying modern safety techniques to the tracking and inspection of lifting equipment. The room was jam-packed of full people, and I believe the presentation received great response. I focused on using technology – including the web, RFID and several different handheld devices – for lifting equipment records. There were many questions about which mobile devices you can use when combining inspections with the web and RFID, and we covered a few different types and brands. I would say there was an equal amount of interest in new devices like the iPhone as in trusted rugged devices. I hope everyone enjoyed the presentation.

After many AWRF meetings and exhibits, it was a lot of fun to spend time with the LEEA group. LiftEx is still a young event, and we were very impressed at the amazing job LEEA did on organizing it. We look forward to participating with the association in the future.

Finally, with interest so high among the people we met at LiftEx, we’ve decided to host a webinar for anyone interested in learning more about using RFID for LOLER record keeping. It’s scheduled for December 14th and titled, “LEEA: Digitize your LOLER Inspections using RFID, Mobile Devices and the Web.” If you’re interested, visit www.fieldid.com/webinars to register.

Field ID at the 2011 NSC Congress and Expo

We take safety management and inspections very seriously, but we also have fun doing what we do – and as many of our regular readers and customers know, part of the fun is in getting out of the office and meeting face-to-face with safety managers from across North America to talk about how safety inspection software can help make safety simple.

Having just returned from this month’s AWRF meeting, we’re very excited about getting out of the office again for one of the biggest safety events of the calendar year: the National Safety Council’s annual Congress and Expo (Congress: October 31 – November 4, Expo: October 31 – November 2). The 2011 NSC Congress and Expo promises to be a great opportunity to gather with more than 12,000 health and safety management professionals in Philadelphia.

We’ll have mobile devices onsite to showcase the barcode and RFID options that come with Field ID. This year we are giving away our new “No Clipboards” tshirts and iPad 2’s, so make sure you visit our booth!

This year, Field ID will be well represented at booth #2552. Myself and Shaun Ricci, COO, will be onsite for the conference.

Field ID at AWRF in Kansas City

Last week Somen and I attended the  AWRF (Associated Wire Rope Fabricators) meeting in Kansas City.  This is not our first time at AWRF, we try to be active members.  Participating in industry associations like AWRF is important not only because we have the opportunity to spend time with customers, but also because we can keep on top of trends and changes related to safety and inspections of lifting and rigging equipment.

Day 1 – Setting up the Booth

As usual, the first day of any trade show type event was very busy.  We caught a 9:00 am flight from Toronto to Kansas (yup, that’s a 6:00 am wake up call – on a Sunday!).  This had us in Kansas City shortly after noon.  We headed to Best Buy to pick up a few last minute electronics for our booth.  We then arrived at the hotel and started immediately to set up for the Monday Product Information Exhibit (or P.I.E).  After the trade show was set up the opening night reception kicked off.  The opening night reception is always a lot of fun as we get to see friends and customers that we have not seen in a while.  We ended off day 1 having dinner with one of our tagging partners, Holland 1916.

Day 2 – Product Exhibition

Time to show off the upgraded Field ID booth!  We made a few additions and changes to the booth this year.  This included changing out the back drop of the main section and adding a kiosk as well.  Our ” no clipboard” campaign is well represented.  Check below for some before and after shots of the booth.  It’s amazing how much can change in a year.

Field ID AWRF P.I.E - 2010

Field ID AWRF P.I.E - 2011

The P.I.E was a jam packed 7 hours.  We were busy almost the entire time.  The awareness and knowledge level of RFID and inspection software to manage lifting and gear is noticeably higher than when we started attending AWRF meetings.  This was also the biggest P.I.E in AWRF history with almost 100 booths being filled.

Day 3 – Reception

Day 3 at AWRF typically has activities for the AWRF members to participate in such as the fun run/walk/jog.  This year, our tag partner mentioned above (Holland 1916) arranged for tours of their manufacturing facility.  This makes perfect sense given that Kansas City is their home town. The tour was very educational, and more importantly they served us Kansas BBQ at the end of the tour.  Finally, AWRF wrapped up the same way every AWRF does, with a banquet dinner.  The banquet this year was quite large and the entertainment was great.

All in all this was one of the biggest and most productive AWRF meetings for us at Field ID.  It’s amazing how this association has such a sense of community.  It was only a few years ago that we attended our first AWRF and the amount of friends we have in this association now is amazing.  They association does amazing work for the lifting and rigging industry and we can’t wait to attend the next AWRF in Atlanta.

A Visit to California: Rigging Inspections and Facility Safety Management (FSM)

What’s your favorite thing to do while stuck on a train?  Mine is apparently write blog posts.  Our faithful readers will know that this is my second blog post written from a train. Don’t worry, this one is not about train safety.  On a side note, I have never been on a train that didn’t get “stuck” some how or another.

Back on topic: I am coming home from a road trip where I visited California (LA area) and Rochester.  This blog post is about the California part of my trip (that’s my Long Beach Motel on the left, got a great deal).  Later this week I will blog about Rochester.   While in California I had the pleasure of meeting with 3 Field ID customers.  Have I ever mentioned how much I LOVE meeting Field ID partners and customers and seeing them use Field ID in action?

A Rigging Shop

On day one I visited with a new customer and partner of ours in safety compliance for rigging, Lift-It Manufacturing.  Lift-It is a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of synthetic lifting slings.  We work with rigging manufacturers quite a bit and this industry is heavily regulated.  Creating and keeping track of certificates of conformance is a huge headache.  It was great to spend some time with the folks at Lift-It.

Two Manufacturering Companies

One my second and third day I visited with two manufacturing companies that use Field ID.  Each of these organizations have been using Field ID on a small scale to do all types of inspection and certification tracking over the past year and I was visiting them to see how we can improve and grow the Field ID deployment.  Both days were amazing and extremely educational for me.  These deployments are what I have referred to in the past as facility safety management (FSM) and includes managing:

  1. employee training certification management
  2. environmental inspection management
  3. fire extinguisher inspection management
  4. crane inspection management
  5. lockout / tagout management

I think we are off to a great start with these deployments and continue to improve through these types of on-site visits.  Like I said earlier in this post, visiting Field ID customers is one of my favorite things to do.  Not only was this a good learning opportunity, but meeting people face-to-face after talking on the phone and through online meetings is a bonus as well.

I jumped in a plane to Rochester after I was done in California where I spent time with people from the Nuclear community.  More on that later this week!

3 Takeaways from the 2010 National Safety Council Expo

Shaun and I just got back from the 2010 National Safety Council Expo (we took a red-eye home, which was not fun) and there were a lot of exciting things happened!  I personally thought the NSC was well-attended this year.  Our booth location was not ideal this year, but we actually received more traffic than last year.  Overall, a great trip!  Here are my top 3 takeaways from the show.

1. Lockout/Tagout is a Huge Problem

We introduced, in partnership with National Marker Company (NMC), the first ever machine readable electronic lockout tagout system using RFID, barcodes and our Field ID inspection and safety compliance system.  To learn more about Lockout/Tagout, click here to read a previous post.  People were extremely interested in how they can digitize their lockout/tagout procedure.  Like most procedures in safety, lockout/tagout is riddled with paper and is prone to human error.  Being able to use a mobile device and scan a lockout tag, a person and a piece of equipment saves time. This  procedure makes the whole process paperless and provides real safety accountability.  We look forward to changing the way people perform lockout tagout.

2. Safety Audits

Most people at the NSC are interested in using Field ID for their safety audits.  Almost everyone we spoke to conducts their workplace or facility safety audits using paper and pen.  People were extremely interested in how some of our customers use barcode exit signs to use as an inspection point.

3. Fire Extinguisher Inspections

A fire extinguisher inspection is an extremely difficult process  for many people.  The minute we mentioned how our current customers tag fire extinguishers with RFID tags or bar codes, people were amazed at how much time they could save.

We’ve already booked our booth for next year, so we look forward to seeing everyone again!  We’ll announce the winners of the “Free Field ID Package” draw shortly.

Field ID at the NSC – Day 1

Field ID is currently exhibiting at the National Safety Council Show in San Diego. The show started yesterday and runs through to the 6th. Reports are showing at least a 10% increase in attendance from last year as Safety Compliance is on the forefront of everyone’s mind these days.

Somen Mondal as well as Shaun Ricci the CEO and COO of Field ID respectively, can be found at booth 5610 – a map is available here.

Field ID Booth

Drop by the booth  to get an in-person demo of Field ID, shoot some hoops with our basketball net, or just talk inspection software and RFID with Shaun and Somen. We have some great mobile devices on-site for you to play with.

We hope to see you at our booth today or tomorrow.

National Safety Council 2010 Congress & Expo – See us at Booth 5610!

I am just arranging some of the final details for our trip to the National Safety Council (NSC) 2010 Congress and Expo.  We typically go to this convention every year (this is our 3rd year there!).

Here are some details about the show this year:

Location: San Diego Convention Center
Dates: October 4-6
Field ID Booth: 5610

I’ll be there along with Shaun Ricci.  Drop by for a demo or a free Field ID T-shirt!

NSC and Field ID have very common goals.  For those of you who don’t know about the NSC, here is some information:

NSC’s Vision

Making our world safer.

The National Safety Council saves lives by preventing injuries and deaths at work, on the roads and in homes and communities. We engage organizations and individuals through our leadership and efforts in research, education and advocacy.

See you in San Diego!

Associated Wire Rope Fabricators (AWRF) Spring 2010 Round Up

From Sunday April 11th to Wednesday April 14th both Somen and I attended the bi-annual meeting for the Associated Wire Rope Fabricators in Bellevue, Washington.  For those of you who do not know, AWRF is one of the many associations that we are a part of to ensure that we keep up-to-date with industry trends and standards.  We are also members of the National Safety Council and the Crane Certification Association of America to name a few.

AWRF holds two meetings annually, and every third meeting (16 months) they host a Product Information Exhibit, or P.I.E.  The P.I.E is a one day trade show event, and of course Field ID had a booth.

Sunday – AKA: iPad Day

We left Toronto at 6:00 am ET and started the long haul to Seattle.  Sunday is one of my personal favorite days at AWRF because we get to see many of our customers face to face at the opening reception.  After arriving we headed straight to Best Buy.  Why was Best Buy our first stop?

Apple iPad with a Proof Test

To buy an iPad of course!  We don’t have the iPad in Canada yet, and the entire team is extremely excited about the possibilities of recording safety inspections and viewing proof test certificates on these tiny little devices (or as we now refer to them, inspection machines).  After two Best Buys visits and many phone calls we scored an iPad and headed to the hotel to check in and set up our booth.  Setting up the booth went well and we headed straight the opening reception – it was a long day.  The opening reception was great fun, and we packed it in for an early night to prepare for the P.I.E the next day.

Monday – P.I.E

Field ID Booth at the AWRF P.I.E

The P.I.E is one of the most exciting AWRF events, and the Bellevue version was no exception.  We had the iPad rocking all day long, and were even able to show some current customers their safety inspection certificates on the device; they were all blown away!  This is our third AWRF P.I.E and it is very exciting to see the adoption of electronic safety compliance in the industry as well as tools such as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).  AWRF runs a very well organized event, our booth was slammed all day.

Tuesday – Customer Testimonials and Closing Dinner

On the closing day of the meeting we decided to try our hand at filming a handful of customer testimonials.  We have amazing customers and thought it would be a great idea to film them talking about Field ID .  The videos are currently being edited and will be posted our website soon.  We want to start using video more often for presentations and training.

From Left to Right: Shaun, Somen, Obama Impersonator, Knut Buschmann, and Mary Brett
Finally we closed out the meeting with an excellent dinner.  The food at this AWRF was top notch.  AWRF meetings always end with some fun entertainment.  We have seen some great entertainment over the past three years, but I would say this was one of the best.  It was a Barack Obama impersonator and he was hilarious.  You can see some more pictures of the dinner on our Facebook page.

Overall this was a great AWRF meeting, and with the P.I.E. – one of the busiest.  We are looking forward to the next meeting in North Carolina!