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Tragic Worksite Blast Injures Five: Could it have Been Prevented?

According to Global News, an industrial facility in Sarnia, Ontario has seen a dangerous explosion and fire.  Four workers were injured and one was taken to a hospital in critical condition.  He passed away soon after.

The explosion started a fire which seriously burned several workers.  The explosion itself caused a partial collapse of the roof, which could have resulted in more fatalities had any workers been near the collapse.  In this case, there is no good news.  Whenever workers are injured, their lives are at stake.  Whether it’s from faulty machinery or improper work site procedures, it’s imperative to be cautious around machinery and hazardous materials.

No reports as of yet have found the cause of this accident, though they have ruled out any chemicals or gas explosions.  Though speculation points to faulty machinery being the origin of the explosion, an important question remains: could this tragedy have been prevented?

Innocent lives are lost every year to fatal workplace accidents.  This is just an isolated case out of hundreds reported by OSHA annually.  These tragedies, in this day and age, could be avoided with the proper tools and procedures. That’s exactly why Master Lock introduced Field iD.

Field iD is a customizable application that makes auditing and inspecting easier than ever.  With this invaluable tool, you can keep your workers safer than ever before and prevent the most common workplace risks.  With Field iD, supervisors and workers can manage and stay tuned to all the changes and inspections at the work site and beyond. Here are just a few ways Field iD can help you keep your workers safe and machinery running smoothly:

Scheduling tools: Keep track of your inspection and audit due-dates.  Stay ahead and prepared for your inspections so you can pass on-time with flying colors.

Paperless Audits and Inspections: Field iD will keep your inspections organized with checklists and one-click audits.  The paperless model allows for seamless knowledge at your fingertips so you can always stay ahead of faulty machinery, parts, and assets.  With more detailed and efficient audits and inspections, you can expect a much safer and more informed work place.

Organize your assets: Whether it’s machinery or equipment, stay on top of all of your assets with Field iD.  Assign assets to specific work sites and even workers and keep updated with the check-in/check-out functionality.  Make sure that your workers have the right tools for the job.

Safety Scoring: Go above and beyond pass-fail with safety scoring. Keeping your operation in top shape with our automated sliders and scoring query is as easy as filling out a checklist.  Customize your scoring to your work site needs and keep your jobs running smoothly.

Lockout/Tagout: Our software is an incredible lockout/tagout tool that reinforces safety procedures by giving you the power to author and assign tasks to staff.  Keeping organized can be the biggest issue with lockout/tagout procedures, but our networked software makes it easier and safer.  From assignment to review, our system is built robustly for those who want a safer workplace for their employees.

Remember that the workplace is as dangerous as the procedures are. Preventing risk while you are ahead is the best way to keep your employees safe at work.  To learn more about Field iD from Master Lock, click here.

A collaborative effort to improve mining safety

Just in time for the holidays, a gift of safety is the best one can get.

The Ontario Ministry of Labour, MINES Committee, the United Steelworkers and the Ontario Mining Association, collaborated to develop the process for a comprehensive review of mines across Ontario to ensure health and safety of workers, according to Canadian Occupational SafetyRead More

Fire safety in the longest tunnel on Earth

The world’s longest tunnel under the Swiss Alps is set to open for public in 2016. Gotthard Base Tunnel will allow 200 to 250 trains per day moving with the speed of up to 250km/h. According to BBC, it’s expected to revolutionize transport across Europe, providing a high-speed link connecting all corners of the continent.

With the tunnels and shafts extending 151.84 km long, the question of safety comes to mind first. However, the tunnel is equipped with a number of outstanding safety features…  Read More

Mining safety…for tourists?

Is there a better way to learn about mining safety than to make it fun?

Mining is actually full of adventure and beauty when you think about it. Now everyone will have a chance to witness the amazing world of mining. Last month, an underground museum, Strataca, located in the abandoned tunnels of an active salt mine in central Kansas, unveiled a new attraction called the Salt Safari bringing visitors through a 3-hour-long sub-surface hike.

For safety, and of course for experience, Strataca’s visitors are required to wear hard hats and self-rescuer devices – breathing apparatuses used by miners in emergencies.  Read More

Aviation and aerospace industry to transform animal tracking

Many safety professionals are familiar with using technology for safety tracking. Last week witnessed the beginning of an amazing collaboration that takes the use of technology for tracking to a new level.

Aviation and aerospace industry, Pennsylvania State University, Intel and the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (SCBI) joined forces in worldwide conservation efforts. The partnership named Partners in the Sky aims to help track the movement of thousands of animals globally with the help of technology used by aviation and aerospace companies. This includes satellite navigation, communication, and surveillance, and high-fidelity tracking.

This effort will transform animal tracking, according to SCBI. Unlocking the mysteries of animal movement through precision, near real-time tracking can solve major conservation challenges and transform wildlife science worldwide.  Read More

Safety video review – Modern Safety – 12.06.2013

It’s been a while since our last safety video review and we’ve been collecting some great videos to share with you!

Time is flying fast and the holiday season is almost here. Remember, at work or not, stay safe these winter holidays!  Read More

Happy National Miner’s Day from Team Field ID!

It’s the fourth annual National Miner’s Day in the U.S. today and we are honoured to congratulate every miner and everyone related to the mining industry.

In fact, is a significant day for each and every one of us. Do you know why? Just look around… “Our modern world is literally held together with the materials that come out of mines,” says the video Ground Rules: Mining Right for a Sustainable Future produced by Caterpillar and Science North.  Read More

3 issues mining companies will face in 2014

In 2014, ongoing market volatility will force mining companies to change the way they do business if they wish to remain viable. That’s the core message of Deloitte’s yearly report, Tracking the Trends 2014, released this week.

As we move closer to 2014, it’s time to reflect on the passing year and set the direction for the future. Looking back at 2013 and projecting mining trends for 2014, this study is analyzing the top ten issues affecting mining companies around the world.

Here are three trends and solutions identified in the report that caught our attention:  Read More

Fixing the recall system to ensure food safety

When it comes to food safety, ensuring a fast and effective recall in the event of contamination is a serious matter.

According to the recently released 2013 Fall Report of the Auditor General of Canada, the country’s food recall system has not been properly managed and significant improvements are required.

Referencing the largest food recall in the nation’s history, at XL Foods, it was identified that emergency response plans created confusion between bureaucrats and key stakeholders. In addition, there was incomplete record-keeping tracking investigations leading to the inability of verifying if recalled products were destroyed.  Read More

Opposite Day at Field ID!

It’s a lot of fun here at Field ID today! It’s Opposite Day – an event that was introduced by one of our team members and supported by the team. Yes, that’s right, we came up with it ourselves and we celebrated it with gusto!

We wanted to break the stereotype that there are invisible walls existing between the departments of Sales and Development and took that extra step to make sure each of us understands the daily routines and challenges each team faces.

Today went beyond dressing up in the “opposite” way (meaning business attire vs. cozy T-shirts and sweaters) and hilarious emails going around with teams trying to imitate each other and use each other’s terminology. We had an amazing Lunch and Learn session where team members from Development and Sales gave quick presentations about their departments’ work, plans and direction for the future.  Read More