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A collaborative effort to improve mining safety

Just in time for the holidays, a gift of safety is the best one can get.

The Ontario Ministry of Labour, MINES Committee, the United Steelworkers and the Ontario Mining Association, collaborated to develop the process for a comprehensive review of mines across Ontario to ensure health and safety of workers, according to Canadian Occupational SafetyRead More

Mining safety…for tourists?

Is there a better way to learn about mining safety than to make it fun?

Mining is actually full of adventure and beauty when you think about it. Now everyone will have a chance to witness the amazing world of mining. Last month, an underground museum, Strataca, located in the abandoned tunnels of an active salt mine in central Kansas, unveiled a new attraction called the Salt Safari bringing visitors through a 3-hour-long sub-surface hike.

For safety, and of course for experience, Strataca’s visitors are required to wear hard hats and self-rescuer devices – breathing apparatuses used by miners in emergencies.  Read More

Happy National Miner’s Day from Team Field ID!

It’s the fourth annual National Miner’s Day in the U.S. today and we are honoured to congratulate every miner and everyone related to the mining industry.

In fact, is a significant day for each and every one of us. Do you know why? Just look around… “Our modern world is literally held together with the materials that come out of mines,” says the video Ground Rules: Mining Right for a Sustainable Future produced by Caterpillar and Science North.  Read More

3 issues mining companies will face in 2014

In 2014, ongoing market volatility will force mining companies to change the way they do business if they wish to remain viable. That’s the core message of Deloitte’s yearly report, Tracking the Trends 2014, released this week.

As we move closer to 2014, it’s time to reflect on the passing year and set the direction for the future. Looking back at 2013 and projecting mining trends for 2014, this study is analyzing the top ten issues affecting mining companies around the world.

Here are three trends and solutions identified in the report that caught our attention:  Read More

The First Mine Rescue Day

This week marked the beginning of an important celebration for the mining industry. In an effort to acknowledge “the courageous mine rescuers, past and present, who put their lives on the line to save other miners,” MSHA recognized October 30th as the Mine Rescue Day.

Just think about the number of times mine rescuers have placed their own safety and lives at risk to save others, undertaking some of the most dangerous and difficult tasks and making life and death decisions in conditions where every second matters.

Mine rescue goes hand in hand with the beginning of mining itself. Over the years, it was evolving with experience and shaping into a well-organized team effort. Recognizing these emergency responders, emphasizing their own safety comprises a key milestone in the industry’s history.  Read More

MSHA’s new online tool set to improve mining safety

Government organizations are increasingly embracing latest technologies to help make workplaces safer.

We recently blogged about OSHA’s first e-publication on ladder safety. And this time, MSHA released an online tracking tool to assist mine operators.

Read More

35 years of improving mining safety

MSHA is celebrating the anniversary of the 1977 Federal Mine Safety and Act. This month marks 35 years of efforts to improve mining safety.

Since the introduction of the regulation, MSHA reports mine fatality rates have decreased by 82%. That’s a safety achievement worth recognizing…   Read More

Ensuring mining safety in Canada’s North

Possibilities for growth and development through Northern exploration are vast. Canada’s North is abundant with natural resources and the economic potential is impressive. According to the report “The Future of Mining in Canada’s North” released this month by the Conference Board of Canada, the overall Northern mineral output is expected to almost double by 2020.

Of course, with such a projected growth, it’s crucial to consider a number of key factors and mining safety is one of them…    Read More

Improving mining safety needs automated future?

In the wake of frequent mining accidents, safety in the industry is in the spotlight again. So what can be done to improve mining safety?

A few companies around the world see the answer to this question in completely changing the way mine safety in general is approached. Modern technologies can help automate production processes and reduce the risks faced by miners, sometimes allowing them to get the job done safely above ground.

Innovation can lead to positive changes to the industry.    Read More

Workplace safety success recognized by NIOSH

We take great pleasure in hearing about safety successes, and sharing news about companies reaching workplace safety milestones is becoming a tradition here on Modern Safety. It’s almost like our way of saying, “Congratulations!”

It’s always great news when the company’s safety efforts are recognized. Especially when it is being recognized by the government body such as the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH).

Last week, it honored three companies with an award for Mine Safety and Health Technology Innovations. And one of these winners uses Field ID.    Read More