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Tragic Worksite Blast Injures Five: Could it have Been Prevented?

According to Global News, an industrial facility in Sarnia, Ontario has seen a dangerous explosion and fire.  Four workers were injured and one was taken to a hospital in critical condition.  He passed away soon after.

The explosion started a fire which seriously burned several workers.  The explosion itself caused a partial collapse of the roof, which could have resulted in more fatalities had any workers been near the collapse.  In this case, there is no good news.  Whenever workers are injured, their lives are at stake.  Whether it’s from faulty machinery or improper work site procedures, it’s imperative to be cautious around machinery and hazardous materials.

No reports as of yet have found the cause of this accident, though they have ruled out any chemicals or gas explosions.  Though speculation points to faulty machinery being the origin of the explosion, an important question remains: could this tragedy have been prevented?

Innocent lives are lost every year to fatal workplace accidents.  This is just an isolated case out of hundreds reported by OSHA annually.  These tragedies, in this day and age, could be avoided with the proper tools and procedures. That’s exactly why Master Lock introduced Field iD.

Field iD is a customizable application that makes auditing and inspecting easier than ever.  With this invaluable tool, you can keep your workers safer than ever before and prevent the most common workplace risks.  With Field iD, supervisors and workers can manage and stay tuned to all the changes and inspections at the work site and beyond. Here are just a few ways Field iD can help you keep your workers safe and machinery running smoothly:

Scheduling tools: Keep track of your inspection and audit due-dates.  Stay ahead and prepared for your inspections so you can pass on-time with flying colors.

Paperless Audits and Inspections: Field iD will keep your inspections organized with checklists and one-click audits.  The paperless model allows for seamless knowledge at your fingertips so you can always stay ahead of faulty machinery, parts, and assets.  With more detailed and efficient audits and inspections, you can expect a much safer and more informed work place.

Organize your assets: Whether it’s machinery or equipment, stay on top of all of your assets with Field iD.  Assign assets to specific work sites and even workers and keep updated with the check-in/check-out functionality.  Make sure that your workers have the right tools for the job.

Safety Scoring: Go above and beyond pass-fail with safety scoring. Keeping your operation in top shape with our automated sliders and scoring query is as easy as filling out a checklist.  Customize your scoring to your work site needs and keep your jobs running smoothly.

Lockout/Tagout: Our software is an incredible lockout/tagout tool that reinforces safety procedures by giving you the power to author and assign tasks to staff.  Keeping organized can be the biggest issue with lockout/tagout procedures, but our networked software makes it easier and safer.  From assignment to review, our system is built robustly for those who want a safer workplace for their employees.

Remember that the workplace is as dangerous as the procedures are. Preventing risk while you are ahead is the best way to keep your employees safe at work.  To learn more about Field iD from Master Lock, click here.

A portrait of today's smartphone and tablet users

They’re fast, portable, and usually very user friendly. Smartphones and tablets aren’t just extremely convenient. They literally put the power of limitless productivity and information into the palm of your hand.

Modern Safety readers know we’re crazy about the technology behind mobile devices, but today, we thought we’d share some interesting stats on mobile behaviours. How attached are smartphone and tablet users to their devices? What are they using them for – beyond safety and complianceRead More

iPad safety inspection software interview with Mark Frederiksen

Today, we’re sharing the next video in our iPad safety inspection software interview series. This series features interviews with the people behind Field ID’s leading inspection software and safety compliance management system, and the company’s tablet applications. In this video, Field ID Chief Technology Officer Mark Frederiksen share insights about how our development team works to produce inspection and safety compliance software applications for a variety of devices – and specifically, tablets like the iPad. Read More

Smartphone, tablet growth will drive adoption in safety

Anyone who doubts that the future of effective safety and inspection management will involve a universe of smart connected devices should check out the latest research from International Data Corporation (IDC). IDC has just published some amazing growth figures for the tablet, smartphone and PC markets. In short, IDC says total shipments will pass one billion for 2012 and we’ll see closer to two billion in the year 2016!

Consumers and business of all shapes and sizes around the world are showing a huge appetite for smart connected devices, says IDC. Tablets, smartphones and PCs saw more than 916 million units shipped last year, with revenues surpassing $489 billion. IDC projects that unit shipments for smart connected devices should top 1.1 billion worldwide this year. By 2016, IDC predicts shipments will reach 1.84 billion units (more than double the 2011 figure).

Here’s an IDC chart showing the projected growth for worlwide tablet, PC and smartphone shipments:

How dramatic are the market shifts going to be? IDC says the once-dominant PC/Windows platform, will slip from a leading 35.9% share in 2011 down to 25.1% in 2016.  The number of Android-based devices running on ARM CPUs, on the other hand, will grow modestly from 29.4% share in 2011 to a market-leading 31.1% share in 2016. Meanwhile, iOS-based devices will grow from 14.6% share in 2011 to 17.3% in 2016. Read More

iPad safety inspection software interview with Shaun Ricci

Today we’re releasing the second video in our iPad safety inspection software interview series. This series features interviews with the people behind Field ID’s leading inspection software and safety compliance management system, and the company’s new Field ID iPad app. In this video, Field ID Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer Shaun Ricci talks about why the iPad is an ideal device for inspection and safety compliance software applications. You can view the video below, or on our YouTube channel here.


iPad safety inspection software interview with Somen Mondal

Today, we’re excited to launch the first video in a series of interviews with the people behind Field ID’s leading safety compliance management system, and the company’s new iPad safety inspection software application. In this video, Field ID CEO Somen Mondal talks about some of the work that our team has put into the new iPad app. You can view the video below, or at YouTube.com/FieldIDtv.


iPad falls from space – so should it make the rugged handheld list?

Anyone who reads Modern Safety knows that the team at Field ID loves technology – everything from software to mobile devices and the web (all of the things that come together to make our industry-leading safety software). We love cool gadgets. And if you read some of my past posts about rugged handhelds, it wouldn’t take long to figure out that we love devices and “tech-ccessories” that help our devices survive harsher environments or circumstances than the average mobile.

So when a couple videos surfaced of an iPad case that can keep the device safe after a fall from space, we had to check it out. The case in question is The G-Form Extreme Sleeve 2. The G-Form case is made up of some proprietary materials that stiffen upon an impact and absorb about 90% of any potential damaging energy, thus saving your iPad from cracked screens or device death. The G-Form is also flexible, lightweight and water resistant.

About one week ago, the people at G-Form released a video titled “iPad Survives 100,000+ Foot Fall From Space Near Area 51.” Basically, they wrapped an iPad with their product, tied it to a balloon, and tracked the fall from the edge of space.

Now, I am a bit skeptical. We’ve seen a lot of videos about Apple products taking damage, including G-Form’s recent appearance at the Consumer Electronics Show, where they dropped bowling balls on an iPad wearing a G-Form Extreme Sleeve. But something about a device surviving a freefall from space just feels a little unbelievable – especially when you look at the damage that resulted when MSNBC Gadgetbox performed a drop test from the top of a three storey building (Warning: The link to that video leads to graphic images that may disturb some Apple fans). Gadgetbox noted that their jury is still out on whether the G-Form video is real or not, but they also said, “There’s clearly some weighted apparatus in place to ensure that the tablet lands cushion down and reasonably flat.”

Our Chief Technology Officer is one of the smartest guys I know, so I asked him what he thought about the fall from space. Here’s what he had to say: “I’m a little dubious as to the physics of it. I’d expect the terminal velocity of an object of that size to be pretty high, and I’d be pretty surprised if their case could dampen that enough to make it survivable. Also, the camera survived when it hit the ground. Was the camera in a similar case? Finally, the ride down was pretty stable. I would expect an unbalanced setup like that to tumble as it fell. What I think they did there is actually attached a drogue chute to the camera rig both to stabilize the descent for filming and make it a survivable impact.”

And there you have it.

The G-Form case looks like it could take the rigours of a shop, construction site or any other environment that demands rugged protection for a fragile device, but we’re not so sure about the fall from space in this case. And we wouldn’t consider the iPad to be a rugged handheld, but with the right case it might do the job – depending on your needs.


Inspection devices: Samsung’s big, but do they work well in the field?

A powerful mobile device can make a big difference to a safety manager or worksite inspection who ties it to an inspection software system. As part of our day-to-day calls with users, we get a lot of questions about mobile inspection devices, and sometimes we even make recommendations on rugged handhelds based on customer needs.

With that in mind, we’re always on the lookout for cool new devices and news about the mobile industry in general. And we couldn’t help noticing that Samsung, in the third quarter of 2011, officially became the biggest smartphone (superphone) vendor in the world, with the Android operating system surpassing 50 per cent market share, according to Gartner Inc.’s market research.

They may be the biggest, but do they fare well in rugged environments? Here are a few thoughts on Samsung devices from the field inspection perspective.

– Many of our customers initially think Samsung device are “cheap,” since they’re often made with plastic and materials designed to make up a lightweight device. After using the device in the field, however, people find they can actually take quite a beating without showing signs of damage.

– Samsung has the best screens in the industry. The screens are quite large allowing more content to be displayed at once, and the resolution is quite high allowing for HD images and videos. We don’t want to disappoint any Apple fans who think the iPhone’s retinal display beats any other screen, but to our naked eye, a good Samsung display looks better, with richer colour and greater depth of blacks. Very sharp.

– Samsung phones, no matter what price point, tend to be the fastest on the market right now. Actual benchmarks have it outpacing the iPhone 4S in all categories, except graphic load times.

So what are our top picks from Samsung, as of today? Here are our Top 3:

  1. Samsung Galaxy Nexus (coming to Canada on Dec. 8)
  2. Samsung Galaxy S2 – any of its variations
  3. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

As mentioned, the devices above can likely take a bigger beating than you’d think, based on the feel of each device. Still, we always recommend that you research and buy a good protective case for your mobile devices, especially when taking them into the field for inspections.

New Feature: Checklist Scoring

With our seventh release (2011.7) of 2011 now out the door and into the hands of our amazing customers I thought it would be fitting to highlight the biggest and most anticipated feature of this release – event scoring.

At Field ID we work with customers from rigging, nuclear, construction, maintenance, service customers and manufacturers and as a result we see hundreds of different types of checklists. Over the last few months we were seeing a large requirement for the ability to score inspections using a scale. We have now integrated scoring into Field ID events allowing you to fully customize your checklists in Field ID to match your existing scoring done on paper. Let’s take a look at how scoring works in Field ID.

1. Setup Score Groups

The first step is to setup Score Groups. Score Groups are reusable ranges that are used to grade the criteria in your inspection. An example of a score group may be a scale from 0 – 3 or 0, 5, 10 and 15. To setup your Score Groups go to Setup > Assets & Events > Event Types and click on the Score Groups tab.

First, enter your Score Group Name and Click Save.

Now you will setup the range. For example, Problem Found has a value of 0, Issue repaired on-site has a value of 1 and so on. This range should match the existing scoring that you do on paper. If you would like one of your score options to indicate a N/A which can be excluded from the score total select indicates N/A from the drop down.

Setup Your Score Groups

2. Create your Checklist

Now that your score group is setup it’s now time to setup your checklist. This process is exactly the same as creating any other checklist in Field ID. When you are creating your Event Form you will select Score as your data type. Once you select Score and click Save you will be able to select what Score Group you would like to use for this criteria. Finish entering all of your Criteria and select the Score Groups you would like to use. Once you are done click I’m Done Save, Save and Finish.

Setup Your Checklist

3. Setup your Total Calculation

Now you need to tell Field ID how to calculate the total and what the total number indicates. To do this click on the Scoring tab from the top menu. Here you will be able to either total the scores by using the Sum or Average. If you would like to use the score total to set the result check the box that says “Use total score to calculate result”.

Now you can setup a range of values which will set the Pass or Fail for the events. For example, if a score between 20 – 50 indicates a Fail and anything greater than 50 indicates a Pass.

Setup your Total Calculation

4. Perform your Event

Now that you have setup your scoring event you can perform it either on the web or Field ID Mobile. Scores are displayed as radio buttons on the event form. Simply click on the score that applies and record any observations as needed.

Performing an Event with Scoring

Once you done the event Field ID will calculate the score and set the result for you. Scores can be displayed and sorted on Reporting and can be included when your generated PDF reports from the system.

For a full list of all new features for this release please see our release notes on our community. As always, we would love to hear your comments.

Device Preview: Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7

Sometimes when performing your mobile inspections you need a device that’s bigger than a smartphone but you don’t want to haul around a laptop all day long. To fit in the space between smartphones and larger tablets/laptops, Samsung has introduced the Galaxy Tab 7.7. With a 7.7 inch display it’s big enough to work on but small enough to be portable. Also packed inside is a 1.4 GHz dual core processor for great performance and lots of internal and external storage options.  This thing can hold and handle everything!  A couple other features include GPS, cellular connectivity, dual cameras and up to 10 hours of battery life.

This device runs Android.  Think of this device as a small tablet but large phone. It will enable you to place both voice and video calls using a carrier of your choice or you can communicate using Skype. This tablet is a true multitasking powerhouse, combining the features of both and blending them together.