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Last day at the NSC 2013 Expo – excitement for the future!

It’s the Day Three at the NSC Expo in Chicago. And this means that it’s the last day of this major safety gathering.

The Expo is now officially closed, and the packing is in full swing with boxes moving around the McCormick place halls.

It’s been amazing three days full of events, safety conversations and meeting new people. Opening up to the new things in the industry, issues and opportunities, meeting new people and challenging what’s possible have been the pulse of every single minute of this event. Read More

Fighting distraction by technology in the digital age

Can you imagine your day without using your smartphone or tablet? In today’s digital age, we’re increasingly relying on technology. At home and at work, it not only helps us stay connected, but can also help us save time and perform tasks better, faster and more efficiently.

However, technology can also cause distraction, which is a big safety hazard that can lead to impairing judgement and causing human error. And these problems lead to all kinds of accidents. Distraction at work is an important safety challenge for many companies today. And managing your “relationship” with mobile devices and technology is not easy.

Why? Because banning the use of mobile devices at work is not a realistic solution. However, there’s a number of steps that companies can take to minimize hazards associated with mobile devices at work while continuing to benefit from modern technology. Read More

Young safety professionals named NSC Rising Stars of Safety

More than 110 young safety professionals were nominated for this year’s NSC Rising Stars of Safety list. And at a National Awards Celebration held last night in Chicago, 40 of them were selected for the honour.

The NSC’s Rising Stars of Safety program recognizes outstanding contributions from young safety professionals – those who put their passion and talents to work to make a difference and help save lives.

“It is a pleasure to honor the safety leaders of tomorrow at our Congress & Expo, which is focusing on the future of safety,” said NSC President and CEO Janet Froetscher. “Engaging the NSC Rising Stars will be an important part of making a greater impact on saving lives and preventing injuries as we deal with emerging safety issues, such as the evolving nature of work and the changing face of the workforce.”

Without further delay, here are the 2013 NSC Rising Stars of Safety… Read More

OSHA lists top violations for 2013 at NSC Congress & Expo

Fall protection again leads the list of top violations in 2013, revealed by OSHA at the NSC 2013 Congress & Expo.

While these are only the premliminary figures for 2013, the data is an important reminder that “it’s very important to learn from the past and address these top violations to help make our workplaces safer,” said National Safety Council President and CEO Janet Froetscher. Read More

A safety message from Charlie Morecraft at NSC 2013

It was a very powerful keynote session this morning at NSC 2013. Called a “motivational” keynote for a reason, it touched everyone in that presentation room. It was not a presentation of safety statistics or incident numbers. It was a personal story of a real individual, just like you and I. The speaker, Charlie Morecraft, CEO/COO/President/Owner of Phoenix Safety Management, was talking about a horrific work accident that happened to him when he was servicing an oil rig.

Reflecting back to his experience he said the following, “You don’t care about safety until it happens to you.” Think about it. Have you personally ever thought “It won’t happen to me, I’ll be fine, I’ve done it before…”? Too often we assume that bad things happen to “the other guy”, not us. And too often we don’t think about safety because it’s jobs we do every day and may be we’ve done a thousands of times before. Read More

In the field: Thoughts on Day One at NSC 2013

What a busy day is at the NSC Expo today! You feel the excitement as soon as you enter the huge McCormick Place and walk its spacious halls to the Expo floor. It’s very busy here. The scale of the event is impressive – from sky-high ceilings to the endless expo floor.

Professionals from so many industries are here but everyone in united by a joint passion for safety. It’s in the air, and the energy feels very powerful.  Read More

Field ID at NSC 2013 – the journey begins!

Anyone who’s followed Modern Safety for long knows we get really excited about the NSC Congress & Expo. Today’s the first big day of the conference, and our team is on the ground in Chicago meeting with safety professionals from across North America.

While we will have a few posts about the people we’re meeting and hearing at NSC 2013, we thought our first thoughts on this year’s conference might best be summed up by some of the Tweets we’ve shared so far.

Can you feel the excitement? Read More

Only a few days left till NSC 2013!

Time flies fast and it’s only four days left till the National Safety Council (NSC) Congress and Expo! Here at Field ID, the excitement is mounting as we’re moving closer to the day of the flight to Chicago.

As we’re getting ready for yet another fun team trip, here’s a few highlights of why we’re looking forward to the journey ahead…  Read More

5 reasons to attend NSC 2013

We’re always looking forward to the next National Safety Council Congress and Expo. Because for us, each one is special and, at the same time, each one provides enormous value every year.

Last August, we blogged about top reasons to attend NSC 2012, and below are some great reasons for you to consider if you’re still deciding whether you should go to this year’s NSC Congress & Expo in Chicago.  Read More