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In the field: Thoughts on Day One at NSC 2013

What a busy day is at the NSC Expo today! You feel the excitement as soon as you enter the huge McCormick Place and walk its spacious halls to the Expo floor. It’s very busy here. The scale of the event is impressive – from sky-high ceilings to the endless expo floor.

Professionals from so many industries are here but everyone in united by a joint passion for safety. It’s in the air, and the energy feels very powerful.  Read More

NSC names safety award winners in Chicago

We like to celebrate individuals and companies that demonstrate excellence in safety, including those that stand out so successfully that they win industry-wide recognition through awards. And a great place to find these award winners is at the NSC Congress and Expo.

Today, the NSC (National Safety Council) announced the winners of the Distinguished Service to Safety Awards at its annual Congress & Expo in Chicago. These awards are the “highest honor” the organization bestows on safety professionals, and you can only win one by demonstrating career-long outstanding service to the field of safety and health. They are nominated either by one of the NSC occupational safety volunteer groups or the Board of Directors. Read More

Field ID at NSC 2013 – the journey begins!

Anyone who’s followed Modern Safety for long knows we get really excited about the NSC Congress & Expo. Today’s the first big day of the conference, and our team is on the ground in Chicago meeting with safety professionals from across North America.

While we will have a few posts about the people we’re meeting and hearing at NSC 2013, we thought our first thoughts on this year’s conference might best be summed up by some of the Tweets we’ve shared so far.

Can you feel the excitement? Read More

Only a few days left till NSC 2013!

Time flies fast and it’s only four days left till the National Safety Council (NSC) Congress and Expo! Here at Field ID, the excitement is mounting as we’re moving closer to the day of the flight to Chicago.

As we’re getting ready for yet another fun team trip, here’s a few highlights of why we’re looking forward to the journey ahead…  Read More

How do you gain support for your safety program?

Does this question sound familiar to you?

More than a decade ago ISHN wrote that this was one of the most common questions they were getting from readers. Here at Modern Safety, we frequently write about how things have changed over the past decade, but some challenges stand the test of time. Gaining support for safety remains a challenge for many safety professionals today.

First, there’s budget. You always have to prove that the safety program is worth the investment. If there’s competition for the budget (as is often the case), you need to make it clear why it’s more important than anything else. In addition, there’s always the argument of return on investment. How will the safety program pay back?

Fortunately, there’s a number of tips and tools shared by safety organizations such as ASSE and OSHA and others that may help support your arguments for a strong safety program.  Read More

5 reasons to attend NSC 2013

We’re always looking forward to the next National Safety Council Congress and Expo. Because for us, each one is special and, at the same time, each one provides enormous value every year.

Last August, we blogged about top reasons to attend NSC 2012, and below are some great reasons for you to consider if you’re still deciding whether you should go to this year’s NSC Congress & Expo in Chicago.  Read More

Happy Fourth of July from Field ID Team!

Today is a special day for our friends in the United States! We want to wish you a safe and happy Independence Day and share some fireworks safety tips prepared by the National Safety Council (NSC).  Read More

5 reasons to attend the ASSE’s Safety 2013 Expo

There are a handful of global safety events that catch our attention each year, but we have to choose carefully when it comes to attending. As any safety professional knows, you can go to some events, but you can’t go to all of them.

As Modern Safety readers know, we’ve attended the National Safety Council’s annual Congress and Expo for several years in a row. And this year was our first to attend the Partners in Prevention event. But this week, we’re extremely excited to add another first to our events list: the ASSE Professional Development Conference & Exposition 2013!

Safety 2013 will be happening next week, June 24 to 27, in Las Vegas, Nevada. And if you’re still undecided and looking for a few good reasons to attend this event, check out our five suggestions below!  Read More

Learning from OSHA’s top violations (Part 2)

Last week we blogged about five learnings from Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) top ten most frequently cited violations in 2012. These preliminary results were recently announced at the NSC Congress and Expo… Are you ready for five more?

Comparing this year’s numbers with last year’s, we also discovered some interesting trends for safety professionals to consider. As mentioned in our previous post, trends around top violations cited by OSHA can act as great guidance for building preventive measures into your safety management plans.    Read More

Safety video review – Modern Safety – 10.26.2012

This has been a special week for the Field ID team. If you’ve been following our blog and social media updates, you’ll know that from October 22 to 24 Field ID participated at the 2012 National Safety Council Congress and Expo that took place in Orlando, Florida!

It was a great experience to meet so many safety professionals from around the world, all sharing the same passion – improving workplace safety. And today, energized by the safety spirit, we are excited to present you this set of Friday safety videos. We really hope they will serve as a reminder for you to always put safety first.   Read More