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Marking 40 years of mobile phone technology

Exactly 40 years ago, on April 3, 1973 former Motorola vice president and division manager Martin Cooper stood in front of the New York Hilton on Sixth Avenue and did something special.

He made a cell phone call.

It was the first call in the history of mobile phone technology. As the story goes, he called the head of research at a competitor company which was also working on a cell phone.

The action earned Cooper the label “father of the mobile phone.” He went on to projects that included new handheld devices for police and the invention of the DynaTAC – a 2.2 lbs predecessor to the smartphones of today. When the first commercial cell phones hit the market, you’d pay about $3,500 to get your hands on one. Today, while the prices for these devices vary, they are amazingly affordable for both individuals and business.

CNET notes that Cooper “remains a revered figure in the cell phone industry.” Understandably, he may be a little more well-known in tech circles than among safety professionals. But for safety directors and managers who’ve integrated the use of smartphones into workplace safety and compliance programs, Cooper’s first call is a milestone worth recognizing. Read More

Safety apps for young workers

About 18 million workers in the United States, almost 15% of the workforce, are 24 years old or younger. And for these workers the rate of occupational injuries is twice as high in comparison to workers who are 25 and older.

We blogged in the past about how important it is to ensure the safety of young workers in your organization. And a recent safety app challenge by OSHA struck us as a great opportunity to touch on this issue again.

OSHA devoted time and resources to organizing the Health and Safety App Challenge, calling on the public to take action to develop safety applications to improve workplace safety.    Read More

3 end-of-the-world safety and technology predictions

People around the world are talking about the “end of the world” a lot lately. And just as many are publicly debunking predictions that, according to theories around the Mayan calendar, an apocalypse is near. The well-publicized date of these predictions is only two days away. It’s a dark topic, but it’s also a fun topic. Many leading media and websites have taken to treating it with creative coverage.

NASA scientists and other organizations have received just as much attention for issuing information about why the end of the world will not come this week. Still, many people have taken these predictions very seriously – whether they’re believers or not. A man in China, for example, has created a “safety pod” that he believes will make him a survivor. A small French village is beefing up security to deal with some believers who think it’s one of the only safe places to be if the end is really nigh. And many specialty stores and companies are selling a lot of special survival kits as some people prepare for possible worst case scenarios.

At Modern Safety, it got us thinking about the future. So today, we’re sharing three safety predictions to keep in mind…    Read More

Counting smartphone and tablet app downloads

Here’s a big question: How many apps do you think smartphone and tablet users will download in the next five years. An analytics firm has tackled that question – predicting that smartphone and tablet app downloads will reach 350 billion by 2017.

That’s a pretty big number. For context, both Google Play and Apple’s App Store reached the 25 billion downloads milestone this year. So we have a couple hundred billion to go. Read More

Apple vs. Google vs. Microsoft – what app developers think

Mobile platform company Appcelerator and the analyst firm International Data Corporation (IDC) have released some interesting survey data showing that Apple’s iOS is taking the lead over Google’s Android in enterprise business apps. It also looks at developer interest in Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 8 platform and their confidence in the importance of the cloud.

It’s not surprising information, but as developers of cloud-based inspection software for both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platforms, we notice this stuff.

The joint survey included feedback from more than 3,500 developers around the world – making it one of the largest studies of its kind. Of course, that means the information it reveals has been popping up on technology-related blogs and websites. And here’s our take on it. Read More

Tablet apps, screen sizes and what users want

The tech world is abuzz with rumours about a lot of things (which is nothing new), and one of them is whether Apple will introduce an “iPad Mini.” This week, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities was quoted saying the new iPhone will be released in September, and a new smaller iPad will follow shortly after. There’s speculation that the new iPad Mini will outsell the larger Apple tablets and how it will perform against new entries to the “mini” tablet market.

And Steve Jobs said it was 10-inches or nothing! Was he wrong?  Read More

Sneak Preview: Field ID running on a Google Nexus 7 tablet

As inspection software developers, the team here at Field ID was very excited by the Google Nexus 7 tablet. It didn’t take long for us to blog about the device after the official announcement at the Google I/O 2012 conference. Will it make a good device for safety inspections? Well, you can see from that link how we answered the question then.

Since the first Nexus 7 tablets arrived at Field ID, we’ve been testing. And we continue to test. Our tests of Field ID running on the Nexus 7 have produced great results. There are still a few improvements to come, but Field ID for Android looks great on this tablet. According to Field ID Chief Product Officer Matthew Paterson, we are looking at adding the Nexus 7 to our list of officially supported Android devices in the near future. For now, we’ve got a sneak preview.

In this video, we’ve loaded Field ID for Android on to the Nexus 7 to test the tablet’s built-in Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities.


Update: We now officially support the Google Nexus 7 tablet.

Introducing Field ID inspection software for Android

We are very excited to announce that the Field ID inspection software for Android is officially launched today. The whole team (and many Field ID users) is thrilled to welcome Android to the Field ID family of safety inspection apps.

In the days leading up to the launch of Field ID for Android, we’ve seen the anticipation grow into excitement as the big news came last night, followed by rounds of congratulations. Field ID for Android is another huge milestone for our company – from the development team to customer support, marketing and sales. Of course, all of our efforts pay off when we receive immediate feedback from users who have downloaded the app and begun using it for inspections and safety management.

Read More

Introducing Field ID for the iPhone – a safety app made simple

Today, we’ve officially announced the availability of Field ID for the iPhone. It’s been a week since we submitted the iPhone app to Apple for approval, which came late in the day yesterday. Needless to say, our team was excited and relieved at the same time. Apple’s quality assurance checks for apps that go into the App Store can be quite rigorous, and sometimes changes are requested. Once any changes are made to the software, you have to re-submit and play the waiting game all over again. But not with Field ID for the iPhone. Thanks to the hard work of our development team, the approval was quick and painless. As we did for the release of our iPad app, we’re sharing some screenshots today that show what Field ID looks like on the iPhone. Read More