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Tragic Worksite Blast Injures Five: Could it have Been Prevented?

According to Global News, an industrial facility in Sarnia, Ontario has seen a dangerous explosion and fire.  Four workers were injured and one was taken to a hospital in critical condition.  He passed away soon after.

The explosion started a fire which seriously burned several workers.  The explosion itself caused a partial collapse of the roof, which could have resulted in more fatalities had any workers been near the collapse.  In this case, there is no good news.  Whenever workers are injured, their lives are at stake.  Whether it’s from faulty machinery or improper work site procedures, it’s imperative to be cautious around machinery and hazardous materials.

No reports as of yet have found the cause of this accident, though they have ruled out any chemicals or gas explosions.  Though speculation points to faulty machinery being the origin of the explosion, an important question remains: could this tragedy have been prevented?

Innocent lives are lost every year to fatal workplace accidents.  This is just an isolated case out of hundreds reported by OSHA annually.  These tragedies, in this day and age, could be avoided with the proper tools and procedures. That’s exactly why Master Lock introduced Field iD.

Field iD is a customizable application that makes auditing and inspecting easier than ever.  With this invaluable tool, you can keep your workers safer than ever before and prevent the most common workplace risks.  With Field iD, supervisors and workers can manage and stay tuned to all the changes and inspections at the work site and beyond. Here are just a few ways Field iD can help you keep your workers safe and machinery running smoothly:

Scheduling tools: Keep track of your inspection and audit due-dates.  Stay ahead and prepared for your inspections so you can pass on-time with flying colors.

Paperless Audits and Inspections: Field iD will keep your inspections organized with checklists and one-click audits.  The paperless model allows for seamless knowledge at your fingertips so you can always stay ahead of faulty machinery, parts, and assets.  With more detailed and efficient audits and inspections, you can expect a much safer and more informed work place.

Organize your assets: Whether it’s machinery or equipment, stay on top of all of your assets with Field iD.  Assign assets to specific work sites and even workers and keep updated with the check-in/check-out functionality.  Make sure that your workers have the right tools for the job.

Safety Scoring: Go above and beyond pass-fail with safety scoring. Keeping your operation in top shape with our automated sliders and scoring query is as easy as filling out a checklist.  Customize your scoring to your work site needs and keep your jobs running smoothly.

Lockout/Tagout: Our software is an incredible lockout/tagout tool that reinforces safety procedures by giving you the power to author and assign tasks to staff.  Keeping organized can be the biggest issue with lockout/tagout procedures, but our networked software makes it easier and safer.  From assignment to review, our system is built robustly for those who want a safer workplace for their employees.

Remember that the workplace is as dangerous as the procedures are. Preventing risk while you are ahead is the best way to keep your employees safe at work.  To learn more about Field iD from Master Lock, click here.

How do you manage inspections, safety data and more?

Did you know that as many as 93% of safety professionals wish they could improve their inspection and safety compliance process? And nine out of ten still use a pen and paper to manage their safety inspections. A coincidence? We think not.

How do safety professionals go about safety compliance management? We decided to come right out and ask! We invited a random sample of over 300 of safety professionals to participate in a brief survey about their inspection processes and experiences. It was a fun exercise, and it highlighted some interesting work habits…  Read More

OSHA issues inspection plan to foster safety compliance

For workplaces where hazards and safety challenges are significant, ensuring workplace safety is a matter of consistency and a constant commitment to staying compliant.

Thousands of companies in high-hazard industries face unique safety challenges. When Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) releases details of its site-specific targeting program, it’s important for these organizations to take note as part of keeping compliance commitments on track.

Yesterday the federal agency issued a 2012 Notice implementing its Site-Specific Targeting 2012 (SST-12) inspection plan and replacing the 2011 Notice. This program aims to foster safety compliance of high-hazard, non-construction workplaces with the highest rates of injuries and illnesses.    Read More

What it's like to work at Field ID

A team BBQ at Field ID

At Modern Safety, we spend most of our time writing about technology, safety and gadgets. But once in a while, you’ll notice a post about team events or Field ID milestones. It’s part of how we celebrate a positive and growing environment here. With growth comes the need for great people, so today, we’re focusing on a few great reasons why smart, tech-savvy people should consider joining us.

What does it mean to be a part of the Field ID team? We all share the passion for safety and technology, as well as a special pride in helping companies improve their safety results, compliance and profitability. But it goes beyond that…    Read More

3 ways safety inspections are like a G2 driving test

“Hi, I am your examiner…I’m saying “right”, you go right, I’m saying “left”, you go left. I’m saying nothing – go straight. Alright? Let’s go…” That’s what I heard in the beginning of my G2 driving test from the person who buckled up next to me after checking my car. It was yet another test in my life.

Must admit, I was pretty stressed that day, for no particular reason, just a sense of the unknown…How will it all turn out? That’s what was driving me crazy and probably was the main reason I didn’t get my G2 earlier. The exam itself was pretty short but quite intense. It was a lengthy checklist the examiner was going through as I was performing my right and left turns, emergency stop, parallel parking, and other maneuvers.    Read More

Eye protection noncompliance jeopardizes workplace safety

We are always on a look for safety-related research. And the study “U.S. Workers Risk Eye Injuries by Not Wearing Required Protection” by Kimberly-Clark we found has some interesting findings that are worth sharing. It is based on an online survey “of 138 workers in manufacturing industries across the U.S., Canada and Mexico, that was conducted from June 15, 2011 through July 15, 2011.”

It is not a secret that eye injuries can have devastating consequences. However as revealed by the study, despite the potential hazards, some 85% of industrial workers had observed employees failing to wear personal protection equipment (PPE) when in fact it was necessary.   Read More

Will iPad "Mini" be a winner for safety inspections?

The tablet wars are about to get a lot more interesting, as if they hadn’t already heated up.

With the huge anticipation around the launch of Apple’s iPhone 5 now behind us, many in the technology industry continue to speculate about what the iPad Mini will look like, how much it will cost, and when it will be available. Currently, most tech writers are citing October 17th as the date when the iPad Mini will be revealed.

As a response to the extremely popular Nexus 7, the iPad Mini will bring the weight of the company’s well-loved user experience to the 7-inch form factor (or close to seven inches).

Of course, other devices from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Microsoft are part of the battle for consumers. But for tablet-based safety inspections and compliance, the war belongs to Google and Apple. Read More

3 safety management issues emerging in oil and gas industry

Here at Field ID and Modern Safety, we try to stay on top of safety compliance news and industry events on a daily basis. An interesting safety update came from a Canadian federal agency – the National Energy Board (NEB).

The NEB has recently released a paper identifying three “emerging issues in oil and gas industry safety management.” And this can be something to learn from for oil and gas companies not only in Canada but around the world.

The three identified oil and gas safety management issues are the areas “where all regulated companies must invest effort and resources to demonstrate continual improvement of safety and environmental protection outcomes,” as stated by the organization.   Read More

Corrective and preventive actions now on Field ID!

Today is a big day for the Field ID Team! We’ve released the long awaited corrective action and preventive action (CAPA) features! Many of our users, including one we’ve highlighted in today’s post, have been looking forward to enhanced corrective and preventive actions for quite some time. We’re very excited that the changes are now live and are looking forward to feedback.

This has been truly a team effort. Everyone has a part in making this happen – from our development and support teams to marketing, sales and management!

Whether you’re entirely new to corrective and preventive actions or have used these methodologies for years, read on for details about the Field ID approach to these powerful safety and compliance tools.   Read More

5 positively cool safety and compliance facts

It’s striking how many negative numbers turn up when you try to hunt down useful safety stats: the amount of people injured or killed at work, reportable injuries occurred, working days lost

Have you ever wondered why this is the case? And why one actually has to dig down to find any exciting or at least positive results?

The positive numbers are out there…  Read More