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Safety video review – Modern Safety – 12.06.2013

It’s been a while since our last safety video review and we’ve been collecting some great videos to share with you!

Time is flying fast and the holiday season is almost here. Remember, at work or not, stay safe these winter holidays!  Read More

Lessons from the Virgin America Safety Video

We all know the safety routine we have to go through before a plane takes off. It usually starts like this:

“Ladies and gentlemen, we will be showing our safety demonstration now…” or “Please turn your attention to the nearest flight attendant for our safety demonstration…” or “Now we request your full attention as the flight attendants demonstrate the safety features of this aircraft…”

These safety demos can get less interesting, even boring, if you’ve seen them too many times. However, safety doesn’t have to be and shouldn’t be boring. In fact, it can be fun!

Last week, Virgin America launched a safety video that became a big hit on YouTube. As of writing this post, it has 4,212,689 views and counting. It delivers all the important onboard safety messages in an entertaining, musical-like style and it’s literally hard to stop watching it! Not bad for a safety demonstration.

There can be an interesting learning for safety professionals here. No matter if it’s a safety training or company’s procedures, if you want your message to be heard by your coworkers make sure you consider these three points:  Read More

Safety video review – Modern Safety – 11.01.2013

What’s the weather like in your part of the world? It’s rainy and chilly here in Toronto and one can feel that winter is coming.

In many industries, winter brings special safety considerations. In mining, for example, deadly mine explosions historically occur more often during the period from October through March than during warmer months.

This week, MSHA launched its annual “Winter Alert” campaign to raise awareness among miners about the specific hazards colder winter weather may cause. Make sure to check out the campaign safety materials here.

Stay warm and stay safe, and enjoy the safety videos we’re sharing with you this week!  Read More

Safety video review – Modern Safety – 10.11.2013

It’s been a few eventful and busy weeks since our last safety video review. Field ID trip to Chicago for the NSC Congress and Expo went amazing and you can review our posts from the expo floor and keynote sessions here.

We shared the news on Facebook and Twitter that it was Manufacturing Day last Friday. And this week is the Fire Prevention Week! It was established to commemorate the Great Chicago Fire of Oct. 8, 1871. Celebrated both in the United States and Canada, it’s an important reminder to take an extra step to ensure fire safety both at work and at home.

In the workplace, the fire safety situation is far from perfect. In 2010 and 2012, fires and explosions and exposure to harmful substances or environments accounted for 13% and 10% of total fatal occupational injuries respectively. We really hope to see positive results for the year of 2013. And don’t forget to talk about fire safety and fire prevention efforts with your team at work and at home this week! Read More

Safety video review – Modern Safety – 09.20.2013

Another two weeks flew by since our last safety video review and we have so many things to share… To name a few, last week marked our first ever Field ID Team Wing Night! It was a lot of fun (just check out the pictures here) and may even become our new team tradition!

We’re also getting excited to fly down to Chicago for a major safety event, the National Safety Council (NSC) Congress and Expo, next Sunday. We’ll be at booth 624 and if you also happen to be there to, come by and say hi!

Because this week is the Farm Safety Week, one of the videos we’re sharing today is addressing various safety considerations important for workers in this industry.  Read More

Safety video review – Modern Safety – 09.06.2013

In its effort to recognize the importance of respiratory protection and respiratory safety in the workplace, NIOSH initiated the N95 Day – a day for raising awareness and helping workers become better educated about the issue.

It was celebrated just yesterday. And today, one of the videos we’re sharing demonstrates how respirators are tested to ensure they provide the necessary protection to employees.  Read More

Safety video review – Modern Safety – 08.09.2013

It’s Geek Week and we’re proud to call ourselves safety geeks. Sharing safety videos is one way we can express our passion for safety and technology!

On August 6th, it was one year since “an ambitious, car-sized rover” Curiosity landed on Mars. The whole world has been watching NASA’s rover exploring the surface of the Red Planet and we were not an exception. We’ve been following updates about the most famous inspection system in the universe here on Modern Safety as well as on Twitter and Google Plus. And one of today’s videos presents the whole year of Curiosity’s inspection of the Mars surface in two short minutes!

Another notable thing that happened since our last safety video review was that OSHA released it’s first e-publication on ladder safety. It’s a great example of embracing technology to improve safety! And we’re also sharing the ladder safety video below.  Read More

Safety video review – Modern Safety – 07.27.2013

If you’ve been following our updates on Twitter and Facebook you would know that we’re big fans of the One World Trade Center (WTC) construction project. We love sharing news, exciting updates and beautiful pictures from WTC Progress. And this week we came across some great WTC videos we just had to include in our safety video review!

After the spire atop One World Trade Center was installed in May, it became the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere with a height of 541 metres (1,776 feet). The 2004-2012 construction time lapse, the spire installation and the engineer climbing this spire – we share it all today!  Read More

Safety video review – Modern Safety – 07.12.2013

It’s been two exciting weeks for Field ID! Last week we were moving offices to accommodate our growing team. It was a huge deal and our fun moving day report is coming soon. And this week is our first ever safety video review in the new office!

Many people enjoy beautiful photos just as much as videos, so today we’re also sharing the top three stories inspired by great photography from the Twitter community. We just didn’t want you to miss them…  Read More

Safety video review – Modern Safety – 06.28.2013

We love to share our passion for safety with others and when the opportunity comes up, we just can’t miss it!

If you’ve been following our recent updates on Twitter, Facebook and here on Modern Safety you already know that this week we’ve attended ASSE’s Safety 2013. Our team members flew to Las Vegas last Sunday and came back just yesterday night. So today our office is full of great stories about the event and team fun!

Just like industry events, our safety video review is another way we love to share our passion with safety professionals from different industries, around the world.

We really hope you enjoy them and are looking forward to hearing your feedback!   Read More