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Safety video review – Modern Safety – 05.24.2013

The two weeks since our last safety video review have been full of safety news and events across many industries.

OSHA proposed a three-year extension of the compliance deadline for the crane operator certification requirements. The U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Transit Administration announced its intention to strengthen public transportation safety for riders and transit workers by making $21.9 million available for the states. The European Parliament approved legislation aimed to improve safety of its offshore oil and gas operations.

With so much happening in the world of safety, it’s nice to wrap up a week of work and news with some easy watching. So here are a few safety videos for you to watch this weekend!   Read More

Safety video review – Modern Safety – 05.10.2013

It’s been a few exciting weeks for Field ID… How do we start?

We’ve kicked off the warm season with two amazing team events – Team BBQ and Spring Party. Check out the Team Field ID pictures on our Facebook page – that’s how we like to have fun!

We’ve participated in two great industry events – the AWRF General Meeting in Fort Worth, Texas and Partners in Prevention 2013 in Mississauga, Ontario. They both were very valuable experiences for the team and provided lots of learning and opportunities to connect with safety experts from many industries.

Interestingly, this season is also a very busy time in terms of safety. A week of May 5 to 11 marked the North American Occupational Safety and Health (NAOSH) Week. May 8th was Occupational Safety and Health Professional Day, established by the American Society of Safety Engineers. And according to Electrical Safety Foundation International, May is also the national electrical safety month!

To emphasize the safety mood set by these events, here’s a few safety videos for your weekend watching!   Read More

Safety video review – Modern Safety – 04.05.2013

It’s been three interesting weeks here in Modern Safety since our latest safety video review, in terms of both safety and technology news! For example, did you know that April 3rd marked 40 years of mobile phone technology? And have you heard that it’s now possible to have a safety training in the virtual reality simulator?

Also, we blogged about the international efforts to take food safety and tanker safety to a new global level. And much more!

And now, we’re back to sharing safety videos for weekend watching… Enjoy!   Read More

Safety video review – Modern Safety – 03.15.2013

It’s St. Patrick’s Day in Field ID! Green ties, sweaters, shirts, earrings and even glass frames are seen around the office today!

Even when it’s Friday and you know there’s weekend ahead, and even when you’re working on your shift and waiting for the days off, safety must be put first at all time. If you need a little inspiration for that, check out these interesting and informative safety videos.   Read More

Safety video review – Modern Safety

It’s been a busy week and we’ve been looking forward to this long weekend! But the excitement wouldn’t be complete without a short list for weekend watching. In this safety video review, we found a number of interesting and informative videos… Read More

Safety video review – Modern Safety

Looking for a little weekend watching? There’s nothing like a look back at safety-minded videos. This week’s Safety Video Review is a set of interesting, creative and informative videos we know you’ll enjoy.  Read More

Safety video review – Modern Safety

This week, we had a few safety video suggestions from our friends and followers on Twitter and Facebook. We are really thankful to everyone sharing their favourites with us! Industrial and workplace safety is such a crucial topic, and we’re happy to share.  Read More

Safety video review – Modern Safety

This week we blogged about a number of safety issues and news. Some of the industries we considered were mining, construction, and railroads. As in our previous safety video review, this post summarizes and highlight ssome of the important safety precautions and guidelines we found.

Some of the examples you will see in these safety videos serve as reminders to always think ahead of the possible consequences and put safety first.  Read More

Safety video review – Modern Safety

For both Canadians and Americans, this work week has been a shorter one because of the Canada Day and Independence Day holidays, so we thought it would be a good idea to conclude it with some fun weekend watching. It’s been a while since we last blogged a safety video review, so with this blog post, we’re sharing a few of the informative safety videos our team found interesting.

These three safety videos are very different in their format but all convey the same message – to think ahead about possible safety risks we face in a work environment every day.

Safety Fool: A Heads Up Rap: At first, we weren’t quite sure what to think of this one. Think ahead of your safety, “work safe and work smart.”

Carbon Monoxide in Construction/Portable Gas-Powered Equipment: Carbon monoxide can be extremely dangerous for construction workers, but with the right type of protection employers can ensure work is done more safely. This video comes directly from OSHA.

Construction Safety: Construction is one of the highest risk industries when it comes to managing safety. Video can be a great way to wind down after a long week. And this one highlights some of the safety risks to watch out for on the job site.

As always, we look forward to all feedback. If you have safety video favourites, let us know and we may include them future safety video reviews!


Safety video review – Modern Safety

At Field ID, we’re big fans of online video. We’ve created numerous safety and inspection software videos on our YouTube channel, but we also like share interesting safety and software-related videos we find throughout our work week. Organizations, companies and individuals have been creating safety videos for decades now, and with the popularity and growth of online video, safety resources new and old are more accessible than ever.

Today, we’re sharing three safety videos that caught our attention this week. Some of these videos my be new, and some may be older. But all of them will be relevant to Modern Safety. Please be sure to lower your volume levels before clicking play.

Thank God You’re Here, Safety Officers: Safety is a serious matter, but here’s a humourous look at safety inspections on a construction site.



Shipyard Safety Animation: Last year, we wrote a blog post relating to shipyard safety. At the time, we came across this instructional animation. It’s stayed with us ever since.



Raw Video Crane Accident: Once in a while, it’s important to recognize that things go wrong to inspire greater attention to safety.


Do you have a favourite safety video? Let us know and we may include it in future posts!