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Top tweets from ASSE’s Safety 2013 (Part 2)

As ASSE’s Safety Expo is moving closer to its conclusion, we would like to share some more highlights from this major industry event!

ASSE posted some great photos on their Facebook page that really capture the amazing atmosphere of the show. You can find them here. And to get a glimpse of what it was like to be at the Safety 2013 Expo, check the Field ID photo report!

We’ve been also following the event activity through Twitter hashtag #Safety2013. Yesterday we posted the first part of the top safety tweets from the conference and expo and were very glad that many of you liked them and shared them on Twitter.

And today, to conclude this amazing safety adventure, here’s Part 2 of the top tweets from ASSE’s Safety 2013!  Read More

Top tweets from ASSE’s Safety 2013 (Part 1)

A huge safety event, ASSE’s Safety 2013, is in full swing and it’s been an amazing experience so far! Looking at its packed schedule, you can get an idea that there’s never a slow moment during the day. Sometimes we wish we could be at two places at once!

While some of our team members are on the ground at the event, the rest of us are watching from a distance. One way we take the pulse of Safety 2013 and stay on top of the event is by following the Twitter hashtag #Safety2013.

As we did during the NSC 2012 Conference and Expo, we’ve collected our favourite tweets thus far from ASSE’s safety gathering in Las Vegas. Informative, fun, supportive – these are just some highlights of what’s been happening at the event.

Please let us know what you think and share your favorites with us in the comments below!  Read More

Safety, certifications and Toronto’s crane boom

Did you know that Toronto today has more buildings under construction than New York City and Mexico City combined?

Yes, it’s true. With the population three times less than in each of these cities, Toronto is at the epicentre of a construction boom. According to The Grid, there are currently 189 high-rise buildings in the works in Toronto, in contrast to 82 in New York City and 88 in Mexico City.

With our headquarters located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), we didn’t even need an article to remind us of all this activity. Every time you’re walking down the city streets you can see a crane, or two, somewhere. There’s roughly 300 cranes operating in Toronto today, and with such a huge number, ensuring crane safety is paramount.  Read More

What could machine-to-machine (M2M) tech mean for safety?

It’s fascinating to consider how ideas around the “Internet of Things” or “machine-to-machine” technology or a “smart-grid” of connected devices could affect safety and compliance in the future. According to one recent study, the potential is absolutely huge when it comes to harnessing machine-to-machine (M2M) tech for environmental compliance, but what if safety is your primary concern?

We blogged about the Internet of Things in the past. Many people associate RFID, Near Field Communications (NFC), or even barcodes as having paved the way for it to happen. Others say a world where technology has connected physical objects to the digital world is already here. Perhaps it depends on your perspective, and what you expect from such concepts.

But the idea of connecting machines to machines within a safety system, and enabling smart communications between them, presents interesting possibilities. Could M2M technologies one day lead to lower lockout/tagout, fall protection, or industrial machinery violations? Read More

Top safety tweets from the 2012 NSC Congress and Expo

The 2012 NSC Congress and Expo is going amazing! As the true safety enthusiasts that we are, it’s been a memorable experience meeting with so many people in the safety field from around the world! Passion for safety excellence is what unites everyone here, and it feels great.

Other than actively attending various workshops, and seminars, 2012 NSC Congress and Expo participants have been actively sharing the event highlights, their thoughts and experiences on social media. And we’ve been collecting our favourites!

For the best representation of what’s happening at the Orange County Convention Center and what participants are sharing online, up to the moment, we’ve been following updates from Twitter and the NSC’s event highlights page. So today, we’ve decided to share some great tweets with you.   Read More

5 positively cool safety and compliance facts

It’s striking how many negative numbers turn up when you try to hunt down useful safety stats: the amount of people injured or killed at work, reportable injuries occurred, working days lost

Have you ever wondered why this is the case? And why one actually has to dig down to find any exciting or at least positive results?

The positive numbers are out there…  Read More

How safe is that ride? Considering amusement parks

For some people, there’s just something unsettling about amusement park rides. Maybe that’s where the thrill comes from. In some cases, these rides are created as more permanent structures, but in others, they may be assembled, disassembled and transported from place to place. But is there anything to be nervous about? Surely the safety of these things is fairly high priority, right?

We blogged about the issue earlier this summer, and today, as the summer season nears its end, we thought we’d explore how safety was ensured at two well-known events this summer.
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The Ironwoman at Field ID

A few weeks ago one of our team members, Chantal Lauzon, mentioned that she was going to participate in Ironman Louisville race in Kentucky on August 26. We’re big fans of events like this. One of our team members recently participated in Tough Mudder, and a few of us are planning on getting involved in a zombie-infested 5K obstacle course race. But Chantal traveled the distance to compete in this race last weekend, and her finish time earned rounds of congratulations from the Field ID team.

Today, we’re talking with Chantal about the Ironman race, the motivation required, and her thoughts on the safety planning around an event like this. We talk about setting and exceeding safety goals all the time, but this story is worth a slight detour. Read More

Reaching milestones with workplace safety

Safety successes should never be taken for granted. Should they be expected? Yes, of course. But they should also be celebrated and recognized.

There are so many accident and injury reports in the news every day, which unfortunately put a negative spin on the need for attention to safer workplaces and procedures, in many cases. However, wouldn’t it be great to encourage safety by recognizing the no-accident milestones more often?

Today, we’re sharing two great examples of companies reaching safety milestones, and earning recognition for it.  Read More

Three compliance lessons learned from the EuroCup

The official mascots of Euro 2012: Slavek & Slavko.

We’ve got a number of teams represented in Euro 2012 here at Field ID headquarters – and a healthy sense of internal competition. A number of our team members have brought in flags. All told, we’ve got Spain, Italy, Portugal, Ireland, England, Poland and Germany covered for fans. As we cheer on our teams and challenge each other’s preferences with good nature, we’ve also been thinking about what the Euro 2012 has in common with safety and compliance.

After some discussion, we’ve agreed on three compliance lessons you can take away from this year’s EuroCup… Read More