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New Feature: Field ID Knowledge Base

As our customer base grows so has the demand for well written and detailed documentation. We are happy to launch our new site help.fieldid.com

The Old

The old Field ID Documentation

Our old documentation had a lot of information but wasn’t organized for what users wanted to accomplish. As well, the look and feel of the site wasn’t up to the standards of our clean and sharp main website or the Field ID application. These were two of the main drivers behind moving to a wiki based system.

The New

The new and improved Field ID Documentation

Over the last two months our team has worked hard to completely re-write our documentation from the ground up. With this we have taken a new approach to our writing style and have organized topics into actions that users will want to complete. The documentation is broken into three main sections – Using Field ID, Administration and Field ID Mobile.

The Knowledge Base is detailed with pictures and step-by-step instructions to help you complete everything from setting up Email Notifications to creating a new Audit checklist. Each page in the documentation has a well laid out table of contents that will allow you to quickly jump to a point in the article.

Article Contents

On the left side there is a site search that will allow you to quickly find the topics that you need. The search is very simple and easy to use.

Search all articles

This new system has been in the works for a long time but we wanted to ensure that we launched with a lot of content and a great design. So, how did we do? Drop us an email and let us know.

Our New Office Layout – Field ID is Growing Again!

We’ve continued our rapid growth and we finally outfitted our office with new furniture to accomodate that growth!  Our office (in Toronto, Canada) is pretty much divided out into two sections, development and sales.  The development half hasn’t changed at all, it’s still the open concept, colloborative space that it was before.  The sales section (we call it the noisey half) was what we totally remodelled.  We essentially remodelled our boardroom, reception and sales area.

Noise is a huge issue in this area of our office so we have special dividers (I won’t say cubicles) to deaden the sound.  We maintained the colour scheme to ensure everything matches well. We’re constantly striving to improve our workplace and we are truly excited about this new layout. By the way, we are hiring across the board, please visit our careers section.  Thanks again to all our Field ID customers and users for your support throughout the years!

Pictures of the New Layout

Aerial View

View from the Reception Area

Board Room - It looks like something Darth Vadar would use

The Dev Room

For more pictures, please see our album on Facebook.  Thanks to our friend Anthony Carbone for all the great pictures.

Why Does Field ID Need a Project Manager?

I suspect most of our blog readers do not frequent the careers section of the Field ID website.  If you have you would know that we are doing a lot of hiring.  One of the roles we are very eager to fill is the one for a project manager.  Why do we need a project manager at Field ID?  There are a whole bunch of reasons, but they all lead to one thing – customer success.  Below are a three reasons we are adding a project manager to our team.

1. Kick off is Critical

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.  The first few months of using any new software is the most important.  Whether it’s inspection software like Field ID for safety inspections or a new billing system there is bound to be a learning curve.  We strive to make Field ID as easy to use as possible to reduce this learning curve.  A project manager is there to guide you, step-by-step, to get up up and running easier and faster.

2. Ease of Use is not ONLY in Features

We realize ease of use is not ONLY accomplished through improved blank slates and more functional web pages.  Ease of use should also include support (check out our support options) and having an experienced project manager improves these support options for our customers.  Having someone guide you through your implementation definitely makes it easier.

3. Everyone’s Unique

Don’t get me wrong, we have been helping our customers with their implementation since day one.  But, as we get more diverse customers we realize that everyone’s unique.  We may have 10 customers that are all performing fire extinguisher inspections, but they all have unique requirements.  All Field ID users are unique, and we try really hard to make Field ID as configurable as possible.  Having a project manager that understands our customers unique requirements means your Field ID account will be tuned to your exact needs.

Field ID Knowledge Base

Many of you probably don’t know but we have a knowledge base with common answers to your questions about Field ID. Granted, up until now we haven’t had a ton of articles in there. However, with the recent addition of Tariq and Corey to the customer success team has meant that we now have time to get a ton of articles in there.

To view the knowledge base , click here.

Field ID Knowledge Base

Shortly the knowledge base will boast a series or articles addressing everything from how long until my handheld is delivered to what are Asset Type Groups. The nice thing about the knowledge base is that if you submit a ticket through our support system it will suggest articles that match your inquiry – as you type!  Our hope is that one of them will help you out.

Over the next week we are working hard to get more articles in there by reviewing old support tickets and entering any common questions or problems users have had.

Looking for something that isn’t in the knowledge base? Let’s us know!

3 Years and Counting

Today is a big day at Field ID – well for me it is. It marks my 3 year anniversary with Field ID, and what a 3 years it has been.

Over the years I have traveled to Montreal, Detroit, Chicago, Orlando, New Orleans, Atlanta, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Alabama, Pennsylvania, Mississippi and a few others. I have been in rigging shops all over the USA, completed crane inspections in 110 degree weather (I almost passed out) and crawled around bleach processing equipment all in the name of making better software to manage safety compliance.

My Safety Compliance Command Center (aka, my desk)

As my day-to-day focus is on the product, Field ID, the change over the last 3 years has been nothing short of remarkable. The dedication from the entire development team and feedback from our customers is really what has made this possible. We have moved offices twice and are now going through our biggest growth phase ever. This will allow us to make Field ID faster, more feature rich and easier to use. To see what Field ID used to look like take a look at a blog post I wrote earlier this year.

We are currently working on our 4th release of 2011 and we are continuing to add new features as well as refining and polishing existing parts of the system. As we move further into 2011 we remain laser focused on safety to ensure that Field ID will solve your challenges in all areas of safety compliance.

Well, time to get back to work and get my 4th year underway.

Welcome Tariq & Corey – Customer Success Specialists!

Today I would like to introduce two new members to the Field ID Team. Tariq Berry & Corey Fung are joining Field ID as Customer Success Specialists. They will be ready for your call or email when you have any questions about using Field ID or getting your mobile inspection devices configured.

Tariq with his mountain bike

Tariq Berry

Tariq comes from a background of supporting a wide range of software and hardware, most notably a project with 60 Motorola MC75’s. While obtaining his degree at George Brown College, Tariq worked for Motorola and wrote software for barcode scanners. Tariq’s ability to troubleshoot Windows Mobile devices and general knowledge of hardware will be a great asset to Field ID.

Outside of work, Tariq is quite an athlete – he is an avid mountain biker and plays tennis. Tariq also enjoys traveling and keeping up to date on the newest technology.

Corey Fung

Corey clearing the table

Corey is a new graduate from University of Ontario Institute of Technology where he majored in Commerce. Having worked in a number of customer support roles in the past Corey is ready to help out making sure you get the most value out of Field ID.

When Corey is not supporting Field ID he enjoys playing golf and poker. Even more impressive is the fact that he was one of the original members of a dance crew that has been featured on MuchMusic.

We are very excited to have them supporting our great Field ID users. Next time you call or email Field ID support you might just end up talking with Tariq or Corey.

Field ID is Hiring!

Thanks to all our great Field ID users and customers, we’ve experienced amazing growth over the past couple of years!  To sustain our growth and provide even better support to our  customers, we are making substantial hires in almost every area of Field ID.  This next round of hiring will bring very exciting changes to Field ID and is a testament to our commitment to  improving every aspect of Field ID.

Who are we are looking for?

Here are some of the positions we are offering (we are hiring multiple people for some of the roles):

For a complete listing, please visit our career site here.  Please forward this to anyone you think might fit the bill.

Field ID Chosen as one of Canada’s select “Companies-to-Watch” in the 2010 Deloitte Technology Fast 50TM Awards!

We were just selected as one of Canada’s  “Companies-to-Watch” in the 2010 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Awards!  Shaun Ricci and I went to an awards ceremony last night and had a great time.  This award is very important to us because there are only 10 companies in Canada selected.  It is a joy to share such an honour with companies such as RIM, who is a noted previous winner of this award.  We’re definitely taking inspection software and safety compliance management to the next level!

“Companies-to-Watch award-winners frequently go on to score high rankings in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 once they have a five-year track record, Field ID has quickly distinguished itself for its innovative technology and entrepreneurship and this award recognizes its potential as a future leader in the Canadian technology industry.”

– John Ruffolo,  National Leader, Technology, Media & Telecommunications Industry Group, Deloitte.

Thanks to all our great customers and our team here at Field ID! Click here for the full press release.

Field ID's Fast 50 Award

Field ID brings Inspection Software to the PROFIT HOT 50 ranking!

Just today it was announced that we ranked 31st on the PROFIT HOT 50 ranking!  Thanks go to all our customers, partners and, of course, the team here at Field ID.  This really goes to show that electronic inspection and safety compliance management (ISCM) is definitely here to stay.  For those of you not familiar with the PROFIT HOT 50 ranking, here is a description:

The PROFIT HOT 50 is the definitive ranking of Canada’s Emerging Growth Companies. Published in the October issue of PROFIT magazine and online at PROFITguide.com, the PROFIT HOT 50 ranks young firms by their two-year revenue growth.

Click here to read the full press release.

Welcome Diana – Field ID Rockstar Developer

Hey all, I’m very happy to welcome Diana Lai to the Field ID team.  Diana is starting on our R&D team as a Software Engineer and specializing in Java development on the server side.  She is a Java development ninja and will be bringing you the latest in Field ID awesomeness.

Diana holds a degree in Software Engineering from University of Toronto.  With 5+ years in the software industry, she comes to us with a wealth of knowledge and experience.  She has worked in a variety industries from mobile navigation to credit adjudication.

In her spare time, Diana enjoys biking and cooking.  She is also an avid traveler, having recently returned from a trip to China.

I’m really excited to have Diana on the team and am looking forward to what Java magic she’ll be cooking up for us in the near future.